Runway Lot Fit

Generate lot fits in seconds and at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. Sales teams can position homes precisely to give their customers peace of mind when they are selecting a home.

Runway Lot Fit is the perfect lot fit app for your sales team.

Purpose-built so that anyone can use it and produce a high-quality, fully-branded lot fit plan to share with their customer. No engineering degree required! Runway Lot Fit is accurate! Time and time again over five years of commercial use, Runway Lot Fit has proven to be the source of truth when it comes to producing accurate lot fits.

Runway Siting


Move the house anywhere in the lot.


Rotate the house at any angle on the lot.


Automated key measurements from house to lot boundaries.


Add graphics for private open space, driveway and other objects.

Garage and patio extensions.

Generate a branded PDF of the siting and all its details.

Calculates site coverage and extension areas.

Draw any lot perfectly, no matter how complex, just enter dimensions and angles from a lot plan.

Fully automated lot fits

Runway Lot Fit doesn't just allow you to create perfect lot fits, it is fully integrated with Runway's packaging engine so whenever you, your colleagues or even your prospects on your website create packages, a lot fit is generated automatically and attached to the package along with all the other data and assets, ready for printing or selling.

Auto lot fit
Runway Siting

Runway Lot Fit advantages

  • Show only compatible homes
  • Integrated with other Runway apps
  • Lot Fit plan uploader
  • Automatically flips the home according to garage side
  • Fast custom lot creation for regular lots
  • Share lot fits with colleagues so they can view and update lot fits